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Monday, 07 October 2013 10:24

First Degree Reiki

1st Degree Reiki is called ‘Shoden’, the beginning. It is a beginning, an awakening of the natural healing channels within each of us....a profound and loving experience. It is also complete in and of itself. the 1st Degree class teaches about Reiki and it’s history as well as providing the connection to source offered by those ceremonies of connection that we refer to as ‘Initiations’ or attunements. It is an opportunity first and foremost to learn to use Reiki for self-healing and it affords the time and space to practice giving to and receiving from others. There is space to share about those experiences and learn from the experiences of other participants in the class.

Besides the well-known healing aspects of Reiki, connecting with this level of energy brings about transformation, increases intuition and accelerates personal growth.

Classes are offered every month to 6 weeks in the greater Portland area. If you live out of this area I am willing to travel to teach a class you have organized.