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Aura-Soma: The Pomanders

Pomanders are a combination of forty-nine herbal extracts and essential oils: seven herbs related through their color to each of the seven chakras, forty-nine in all. Within the original white pomander these seven groups of seven are in perfect balance. As the pomanders have evolved, further colors have appeared. Each of the colored pomanders will contain a predominance of the herbs corresponding to the particular chakra to which the color relates, but while the proportions of the herbs within each pomander change, the forty-nine are always present. Each Pomander then address the needs of a different station of the body.

The intent that lies behind the Pomanders, as far as their originator, Vicky Wall was concerned, was that each should be a connection to the Source of Light beyond Stillness. Thus they are a means of focusing our intent. They support the part of us at the center which is at ease, and in the confirmation of ease, dis-ease is gently undone.

The Pomanders' primary field of action is the electro-magnetic field surrounding the physical body. They are passed through the electro-magnetic field, producing healing and protection. Each Pomander will introduce the energies of the color which it relates, and so may be used to help us bring into our experience the positive message within that color.



   Red Base chakra Earth energy reproduction and creativity.
   Pink Slightly above or within the base chakra and above the top of the head.
   Orange Navel chakra Spleen, bowel, colon and shock.
   Yellow Solar plexus chakra Liver, kidneys, digestive tract, prana and wisdom
   Green Heart chakra Heart and lungs, ribs and breathing, emotions
   Blue Throat chakra. Throat, thyroid, communications.
   Violet Head/Crown chakra Pituitary, pineal, cranial receptor, spiritual.


The pomanders contain the healing energies of 49 herbs and the healing wave lengths of color, gems and crystals. They are a powerful protection for the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. There are 14 different Pomanders, each with its own unique proportions of the 49 herbal energies.

The name Pomander comes from the Dark Ages to designate a method of emitting vapors for protective and healing purposes. Since the beginning of man's awareness incense has been used by the priesthood of various religions. Sacred herbs in the midst of a pierced nut were used by the Inca. Mayans and Aztecs burned copal resin. Native Americans use cedar and sage. In times past herbal bouquets and pomanders were used for protection from disease such as the Plague. Many of these substances have been lost in time and their meanings obscured. Aura-Soma has rediscovered the original vapors in the Pomanders with the numerological significance of 49--seven times seven symbolic herbs within each Pomander.

The pomanders are bright jewel tones that call out to the spirit. They are the remembrance of the holy soma of the temples within which being is found and within which we find ourselves--once more.

Let your eyes and nose tell you which is right for you!

• Protection for the soul, the body, mind and emotions through all levels of being.

• Protection of the prana, releasing perception.

• Protection for the astral and etheric bodies.

deepRed Deep Red Pomander

A powerful protection from negative energies such as psychic attack, geopathic stress, negative ley lines. It helps to restore polarities within the body and being which have been upset by the earth's grid structure. It will protect those working around sacred sites

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rubyRed Ruby Red Pomander

For grounding after a therapy session or meditation. It also prevents energy zapping. The earth energies from the mineral kingdom transmuting the herbs and plants with crystal energies make this Pomander a powerful healer and protector within the three kingdoms. It has also been termed an aphrodisiac.

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orange Orange Pomander

A shock absorber that opens us to knowledge and understanding of the past. It protects during regression and helps deal with the shock of far-memory. Orange acts as a safety net on the journey into the Depths of Being whether past or future. It removes dangers and absorbs shocks. This applies to the present as well and is a protector against all shock. A specific for aura healing, it will help to close etheric gapping. It can free earthbound entities and release them safely from the auric shell. It has a soothing, calming effect on the gut, supports women during menopause and children at birth and beginning of life. Often bed wetting and nightmares are helped with this essence.

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gold Gold Pomander

A protector of innate wisdom. The source of wisdom is within. It supports in situations where discriminating wisdom is required. The gold is a powerful connection with ancient Egypt and the pyramids. It clears the mind, bringing clarity of vision in relation to self knowledge. Gold is a vital force of being.

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yellow Yellow Pomander

The yellow re-energizes the mind-body. It creates the release of blockages in the solar plexus to bring energies back into balance. It also deals with any nerve conditions, diverticulitis, hiatal hernia and any conditions of the liver, kidneys or pancreas.

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oliveGreen Olive Green Pomander

Valuable for therapists to find their own space and to clear the energy between clients (also emerald green). It also protects from getting spaced out. Allows you to cleanse and come to your own space where passion begins and compassion enters.

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emeraldGreen Emerald Green Pomander

This is for the decisions and crossroads in life. It enables you to listen to your heart. To get in touch with your own space, truth and direction. It is self-revealing, helps you to be true to yourself. Physically it opens and calms the heart, expands the breathing, is good for lung and heart conditions.

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turquoise Turquoise Pomander

Helps create clear communication both personal and universal. It is helpful in counseling to help the client feel rather than think about the issues. It stimulates respect for self and others. Helps you communicate the truth for the times. It helps those who find it difficult to detach. Too much empathy decreases helpfulness. Turquoise supports those in communication fields, lessens stage fright. It also helps tune into mineral and crystal energies and protects from any ill effects from the delta waves emitted by crystals.

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sapphire Sapphire Pomander

This pomander supports you in bringing through inspired communication.. It provides protected communication. The higher the communication, the greater the need for this pomander: wisdom, love, creative expressions. This pomander has a main theme of Lily of the Valley and relates to the Holy Land.

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royalBlue Royal Blue Pomander

This supports higher mind functions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It embraces the mysticism of the East and is used for the transition and transmission of the journey back and forward, from death to life. For those working with death and dying, Rebirthing or midwifery. It is excellent for throat conditions and for any problems of communication. It protects those who speak publicly or teach groups. Contained within this
beautiful blue is a message for those who suffer--to be used in the hour of need.

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violet Violet Pomander

This is the ethereal pomander, touching the God within. Use it during meditation to calm the mind and bring in spiritual healing energies. This is good for calming all situations and for head conditions. The gateway to the Universal, direct passage over the bridge of Time--bringing all remembering into practice--access to the Akashaic Records.

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deepMagenta Deep Magenta Pomander

Helps to bring in divine love during healing sessions acting as a bridge to the divine. It also stabilizes the effects of healing to maintain the new balance. The 'All of Ever' is contained within this pomander. As above so below. Helps concentration, prayer and meditation. Important for healers and those in service. Gives you more so your own cup stays full.

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pink Pink Pomander

This one brings in the warmth and caring of Universal love. It harmonizes group energies. Puts the focus on the basis within which we all function, the warmth and caring which makes it all possible. Physically for the womb and reproductive areas and emotionally to bring in love. Also valuable for the heart and any and all areas and conditions that ask for love. To promote

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white Original White Pomander

When in doubt use white. It simultaneously balances all the chakras, clears the energy of a room. Use it in the 4 corners and doors and windows. It is the wavelength applicable to protect in all situations. Meets the needs of today against all environmental pollutants. Active on the physical. Valuable in sinus conditions and hay fever. It can cauterize open wounds and promote skin healing. Clears toxicity, varicose veins, nose bleeding and gives protection from sunburn.

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To Use:

Place three drops on the left palm, and gently rub the hands together.

Give the energies of color, herbs and crystal out to the world, flowing from the left hand around the Earth and back into the right.

Then bring the hands gently over the crown, passing the energies over the top of the head, then over the back of the head, through the occipital area and the psychic gate, cleansing that which is behind us. Bring the hands over the temples, opening the temple doors to a wider awareness, and then palms together, slowly bringing the hand down over the brow, through the third eye, down to the throat. Moving the hands over the throat briefly, clearing the communications before gently coming to the heart, where we rest for a few moments.

In your own time, when you are ready, moving on from the heart, bringing the hand down and moving the energies through the solar plexus, through the hara, through the base center, and down to Mother Earth. As that the Earth may receive what we have to offer.

Then moving back up the front, bring the palms together in a gesture of completion and take three deep breaths of the Pomander into your own temple.

Note: It is preferable to pass the Pomander through the electro-magnetic field before inhaling as this allows the alcohol to evaporate before you breath in.



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